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Dubbed 'a race for madmen' the Golden Globe was run in 1968 and won by the only man to finish, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. Exactly 50 years on 30 competitors will set out on the 30,000 mile trip using old production yachts with no modern electronics.

Follow the race here with latest information from December 2017

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to go our Golden Globe page with regular updates on filming of the race as it progresses 30,000 miles around the globe.

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The story of one woman's fight to stop Female Genital Mutilation.

Filmed in The Gambia, 2016.

My FGM Story

Judy Aslett, Reporter.
War Reporting, Kosovo
Judy Aslett Reporter
ITV News, 24hour news
Steve Holloway filming, Gulf War
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Steve Holloway Artic

Living with Malaria

Broadcast on BBC World- BBC News Channel 2015

Mosquitoes are now beating the bed nets by biting earlier and outside. The race is on to find a trap to stop them.


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Royal Television Society Best Camera Award Steve Holloway Streamline Productions


RTS Award Best Technical Achievement Steve Holloway
Award for winner best film
Bafta  2017

Steve Holloway

 RTS Award

  Best Camera Work




BAFTA HQ Piccadilly

Nov 2017


Awarded by the Swiss Malaria Group

in Geneva on April 25th 2017

Steve Holloway RTS Award for Best Technical Achievement 2015


Winner Best Film
winner best film
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